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Transforming Outcomes via      Real Time Connected Risk Management Solutions


Company Overview

Wivara is an enterprise focused technology provider focused on bringing innovations in technology to the consumer, so as to help improve the way large enterprises manage their operations. 


Our solutions provide organisation with an unparalleled insight into aspects of their operation which were not possible given challenges with collecting, recording and processing of such data.


More importantly, operational level data on its own can only provide limited insights. Seeing this data in the context of the operational environment is key to developing artificial intelligence.

Wivara is headquartered in London, UK. It has presence in Eindhoven, Netherlands and is expanding its servicing capabilities in other countries. 


Wivara is collaborating with a number of leading experts as it continuously innovates with advancements in emerging technologies as well as harnessing capabilities of existing technologies that are now becoming more ubiquitous.



'WIVARA' brings together a range of disparate data inputs that converge across time, place and event to bring transparency, insights and PrOACTIVE MANAGEMENT CAPABILITIES

We Strive To Bring Industrial Innovation,
Cutting Edge Technology & To Empower
The Global Community.


Three Hundred 
Sixty Five Degrees.

Have a comprehensive view of your operations and all the participants in that process:

- in real time

- with ability to investigate events

- with ability to intervene in the present

- to influence the outcomes 


Always at the cutting edge of technology
solving for diversity of needs
building solutions that work in community



Leadership in Outcomes

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Leadership in RoI

The future depends on what we do in the present


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