Giving Back

We are engaging with thought leaders and community workers to build solutions that take their needs into account from the initial design.


We believe in empowering the member of the community to lead a more active five and be able to engage and contribute to their local community by being able to remain independent for longer.


We have differential models of engagement to enable our solution to support many people and their communities

Natural Resources

We have built our technology and solutions to help keep the impact on the environment and natural resources to a minimum.


This includes using cloud computing technology, re-usable technology hardware, ROHS compliant components.


We are maximising the use of digital technologies to reduce our carbon footprint


Over time, we will work with our suppliers to ensure responsible sourcing of components as well as responsible disposal of technology.



Enabling Third World communities

We are innovating and building solutions that recognise the unique challenges in communities with limited access to electricity, connectivity infrastructure, medical help and care


We also recognise the resilience and resolve of a number of these communities to adopt new technology.


We have built dedicated solutions that bring the best of our technology while solving for the commercial and infrastructure considerations of these communities


It always seems impossible until it's done.

Nelson Mandela

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People Lacking Access to essential health service 
global Average number of beds per 1000 people 
Global average of physicians per 1000 people
Goal 3 Sustainable development targets 

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