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Real Time View Of Your Operations

Get in-depth actionable information across your operational landscape.


- Asset Management

- Asset Utilisation

- Critical Resource Management

- Digitisation of Resource Management

- Respond to events and incidents


In any operation with a large number of mobile assets and high footfall, assets management and utilisation is critical:


- Inventory of All Assets

- Real Time Location  of Assets

- Alerts if Assets are leaving designated areas

- Establish usage patterns

- Establish servicing patterns

- Plan ahead for mobilisation of assets

- Locate assets effectively (close to their use)

- Reduce Capex costs 


Digitise your infrastructure for an efficient and effective operational management


- Remove manual steps (e.g. manual entry books)

- Remove non-value added steps

- Release infrastructure capacity

- Release resource capacity

- Gain actionable insights into patterns of usage

- Leverage analytical tools to simulate and predict scenarios

facts & Figures.

mobile asset utilisation in hospitals.

Health Systems

Hours wasted/month in searching equipment

Additional readmissions

extra cost per day/bed in NHS due to delayed discharge (GBP)