Making a difference 


Our solutions are geared towards solving for your key needs.

- Outcomes

- Revenue

- Operational Effectiveness

- Consumer Experience


In an increasingly connected and digital world, it is important that the organisation has the ability to individually identify its core consumers and be able to tailor their experience to support one of the above goals



We have smart, integrated tracking systems that are geared to help you improve your operations and drive effectiveness, efficiency and compliance


Our solutions are scalable, mobile and deployable across a range of use cases.


The solutions work on a global basis and are designed to enable your to take one consistent solution across a range of operating locations, situations and geography.



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We have built innovative solutions to support a range of needs and use cases across health systems and care delivery pathways


We work with leading organisations and hospitals to continuously innovate and adapt the solutions to ensure the consumers of these solutions are being provided with solutions that support their independence, well being and improve overall outcomes



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Always One Step Ahead

We are focused in bringing innovation and continuously improving the technology, process and services to bring effective and efficient solutions that work.


We recognise the challenges of introducing new technology, gaining buy in from various stakeholders and its subsequent adoption. As such, a key focus is to keep our technology and solutions simple, easy to learn and seamless.



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